How Do Apply Foundation On Your Face?

Foundations are one of the key makeup product every ladies have. It turns your face into a bright and even flower pearl. If  not applied well, it makes your skin look oily. The ultimate goal of applying foundation is to make your face glow and hides scar though though concealers.

Clean It: It’s very important to clean your makeup at night and wash your face every night  too so there shouldn’t be a reason for you to clean your face when you wake up in the morning.  Nevertheless if there are leftover makeups on your face, use a cotton pad and dip it in a cleansing water to make sure you start your foundation with a clean face.  We have a very good micellar cleansing water called Modaiya, you can order it here.

Prepping your face: You need to correctly prep your skin with a good moisture before you start applying foundation. After cleansing,  rub all over your face a good moisturizer so it will sink in for 4 to 10 mins before you apply foundation.

Start it: You need to buy a foundation that matches your skin type and shade.  If that sounds confusing, try any of these our foundations.  Use a foundation brush to apply the foundation onto your skin starting at the center of the face and then you blend it outwards. 

Blend it: Use a beauty blender to blend your foundation to your face to get the desired look. It is very easy to use and you’ll fall in love as soon as you start using it.

FineTuning: If you’re seeing your dark spots, redness. Use your right fingers and tap on a concealer and set on your face. 

Set it: It’s very important to have a translucent powder,  it helps to keep your foundation from slipping away by noon. Dip your brush in the powder and then tap off the excess and swirl it over your nose, forehead in circle. 

Admire yourself: Now it is time to find that mirror, tell yourself you look good and glow.

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